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"A singular sound that is somewhere between man and woman, human and angel"
- John Karastamatis,
   The National Post


At Last!

After much waiting, it's here and finished and all shiny in it's cellophane packaging:

    Featuring 7 original songs
        & 4 Jazz standards:
(click speaker icons to hear samples)
Comes Love
     I'll Be the Boy

     My Baby Just Cares For Me

     He Walks Two Steps Ahead

     Don't Explain

     Julius & Ellery Learn to Walk
     I Didn't Love New York

     Disabled, Disillusioned and Blind
                                                                                  Seagull (Falling from the Rise)

 And you can buy it here:



June 2010:

So, apparently this summer Reader's Digest will be releasing and marketing a CD compilation that includes my version of Barry Mann's song "I'm Gonna Be Strong."

It's part of a box set that features folks like Bonnie Tyler, Glenn Campbell and (gasp!( The Captain and Tenille.  Yes, Muskrat Love will Keep us Together! 

The offer came out of the blue from Belgian marketing genius Henri Heymans, who heard my version on iTunes and then contacted me to see if I was interested.  After 3 or 4 minutes of unconsciousness, I of course responded in the ardent affirmative.

The compilation will be marketed later this year in North America, and I'll post links as they arise.  Still can't believe they picked me... wowzers...


So, it's been forever since I've updated the site, and I do apologize to any of you who may have stuck around to keep track of what's been going on. 

In a nutshell, I've been living and singing in San Francisco, with some brief commutes to Toronto to keep track of my nearest and dearest. 

So mixing the new album took quite awhile (and countless FTP hours), with some late additions to the track listing.  But it's nearly finished, and I await delivery with bated breath.  More to come on that soon...




There are now 3 ways to order Serafin's 2008 album Nothing Goes Quietly:

                       Click here to Download on iTunes  

        Click here to Order the CD from CDBaby
Click here to Order the CD from Amazon.ca

It's been a busy few weeks... some great private gigs, and last month's return of our Victory Tea Dance was just fantastic.  The folks at Whistler's Pub took great care of us, and it made me so happy to see a crowded dance floor...

Heading into the studio with Tony Quarrington, Chris Plock and Nick Brownman Ali next month to demo the original songs for the next album.  Have to say, it's a little intimidating to play them my simple little pieces, considering the awards they have racked up between them. 

But CBC and a few other stations have been playing Betty a fair amount, and my beloved PR Gal Jane Harbury says that original is the way to go.  So we'll give it a try, and see which side of the gutter I end up on.  Here's hoping for the high end... after all, it's almost mosquito season...

And VERY cool that Kingston Pride is bringing us down on Saturday June 7th --my birthday! -- to help launch their celebrations... thanks!

Amazing response from folks re: Quiver Festival.  Buddies in Bad Times are happy to be involved, and artists like Micah Barnes, Heather Bambrick, The Wetspots and Billy Newton Davis are already on board.  Additionally, queer-supportive folks like June Garber and Sistah Jacob are planning to join us. 

I'm so happy about this.  I'll have more news on the Quiver site shortly... I had no idea that there was a real interest in this kind of festival, and it's really exciting...


AND!  I'm going on CBC's metro morning radio show with Andy Barrie this Monday, February 18th to talk about the album, and the nature of unconventional families.  I'm so excited to be doing this, I can't tell you! 

Also, I've been told that it would look way more professional if I had an assistant doing all this stuff, so I've decided to create one of those nifty fake Internet personas -- you know, to create that aura of mystery and chic elan. 

Ok, maybe not.

Album Release Date Confirmed!
Well, we've officially booked the CD release shindig, and it will be Tuesday, February 12th at the beautiful Hugh's Room!  We'll be full orchestra that night, with Waylen Miki on keys, George Koller on bass, Tony Quarrington on guitar, Richard Underhill on baritone sax, Christopher Plock on tenor sax, Kevin Clark on trumpet (visiting from North Carolina!) and Great Bob Scott on drums.
I can't wait for you to hear this new album!

Nov. 15th
Prague or bust!  I'm heading to Prague (the Czech Republic one!) to sing at Zofin Palace!  I'm so excited to be opening the evening with a (gulp) classical Aria from Mozart's Mitridate... the No. 11 one that Farnace sings, called Va, L'error Mio Paleso.  Practicing my butt off...

Nov 2nd
At last... the new album is mixed and ready for mastering, thanks to the patient brilliance of Jono Grant.  Album cover photography has been shot (I tried to lose 15 lbs in 9 hours, with decidedly mixed results) and things are coming together beautifully.  February can't come soon enough.  Heading up to Barrie to do a quick TV spot for our gig there this Sunday (see Dates section for details).  Praying my shaky sense of direction holds fast til I arrive...