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"A singular sound that is somewhere between man and woman, human and angel" - John Karastamatis, The National Post

Serafin is a Canadian singer, songwriter playwright and arts journalist, with a startling 5 octave vocal range and powerful stage presence that mesmerizes audiences.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Serafin's family relocated to Ontario when he was 9 years old.  Life at home was challenging, and Serafin found happy escape in singing along with Torch divas like Judy Garland and Nina Simone. 

At 17, Serafin found himself living on his own in a renovated chicken barn on a secluded farm outside of Toronto.  It was here that he would spend 5 years earning a living and exploring his voice. 


An audition for director Brian Richmond led to a role in the Dora Award-winning musical, Fire, alongside Thea Gill (Queer as Folk, Dante's Cove).  Thea was instrumental in encouraging Serafin’s move to Toronto in search of opportunity and community, and later invited Serafin to appear in her Top O' The Senator run in November 2002. 


Serafin worked at his craft, producing 2 demo CDs and researching the styles of music best suited to his voice and personality.  Forays into electronic pop and rock and roll were brief, and it was a chance meeting with Jazz Impresario Jaymz Bee that launched the musical partnership leading to 2am At The Torch Café, a collection of pop standards re-visited as jazz torch songs. 


The artist and the album were profiled in national media, leading to new opportunities; an appearance on the pilot episode for Wicked People, performing at Massey Hall, and traveling to Switzerland to work with producer Walter Zweifel were real highlights for the singer.


As he better explored the Jazz and Torch genre, Serafin began plans for a new album.  Working with music director Waylen Miki -- previously featured as pianist on 2am Torch Cafe -- the two came up with a collection of lesser-known standards, as well as 4 original songs.  This album, Nothing Goes Quietly, features Miki's eclectic and thrilling arrangements for piano, horns and strings in perfect marriage with Serafin's clear alto.


Love's Worst Crime will be Serafin's 3rd album, and is being released in Canada and the U.S. on October 21st, 2010 with a special concert at Toronto's Lula Lounge.